Jack (Head Pupil) 

Emily (Head Pupil)             

James (Deputy Head Pupil)

Evie (Deputy Head Pupil)


Head Pupils Job Description

Head Pupils are appointed by the Headteacher, voted by the staff at Moorfield. It is expected that the Head Pupils will demonstrate, in their everyday lives, all the values that the school upholds.


Specific Head Pupils Check List of Responsibilities

To be an exemplary role model for others in the school by manner, dress, overall appearance and attitude to others

To lead a House and coordinate the house points across the school

To always promote the correct values and standards of behaviours

To help meet the needs of others by giving care and assistance to the pupils in the school

To assist with the dining room routines and some break routines

To welcome new parents and visitors the school

To meet regularly with the Headteacher

To co-ordinate preparation of the hall for morning assemblies

To co-ordinate setting playground equipment up before school and putting away after school

To ensure the library is kept tidy and book scanning is up to date

To patrol the corridors at lunchtime

To set up projects on designated topics, e.g. school tidiness



Imran (Senior Prefect)

Poppy (Senior Prefect)


All Year 6 children will become prefects and will wear black jumpers to raise their status and represent the importance of their role within the school. They will be led by SENIOR PREFECTS who will remind them of their responsibilities should they need to.

They will be expected to carry out duties which are described below:

Essential attributes are one or a combination of the following:

  • A willingness to serve, to do jobs when asked, to volunteer, etc
  • A sensible attitude and pleasant nature allowing for good relationships with all members of the School family
  • The ability to lead, to show initiative etc
  • Caring and consideration of others
  • Ability to communicate with all age groups

Prefect Objectives:

  • To be a leader by example, within the school
  • To demonstrate independence, responsibility and reliability
  • To monitor the welfare of other pupils
  • To assist in the organisation of school activities and events

Key Tasks

To be a role model for other students


To wear the school uniform correctly and with pride

To behave in an exemplary manner

To demonstrate good work habits


To be competent in self-management


To have good personal organisation skills

To be punctual and well-prepared for their responsibilities

To be able to carry out tasks efficiently


To be aware of the needs of fellow pupils


To be aware of situations which may affect pupil safety

To take the initiative when staff are not present

To act as a care-giver for other pupils who may need assistance

To become involved in regular and special school events


To be aware of the needs of the whole school


To look after visitors to the School

To assist in whole school assembly organisation

To assist and direct parents who are attending school functions

To read in some services



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