The contribution of RE and Collective Worship to the

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of our pupils


Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development at Moorfield Primary School flows through all aspects of the curriculum, however the Religious Education and Collective Worship curriculum is where SMSC is seen most clearly.


Spiritual development

Spiritual development within RE and Collective Worship in our school encompasses our value of responsibility and the requirement to be respectful of each other. Pupils broaden their imagination and creativity alongside understanding other people’s beliefs and values.


This is promoted through:

  • discussing and reflecting upon key questions of meaning and truth and the origins and purpose of the universe;
  • considering the value of human beings and their relationships with one another and with the natural world;
  • discovering how the creative and expressive arts enable spiritual development;
  • opportunities to discuss feelings and emotions openly;
  • recognising and encouraging the use of personal and group gifts and talents;
  • opportunities to develop their gift of imagination and creativity;
  • encouraging curiosity and questioning so that their own views and ideas on religious and spiritual issues can be developed within a secure environment where faith is valued;
  • developing a sense of personal significance and belonging.


Moral development

Moral development in RE and Collective Worship in our school encourage pupils to recognise the difference between right and wrong, as well as understanding that negative actions have consequences. Pupils also spend time investigating ethical issues through the well balanced curriculum.


This is promoted through:

  • developing a sense of right and wrong and applying this in everyday life;
  • recognising and investigating moral values and ethical issues;
  • learning to follow a path through the conflicting demands of faith, family, peers, society, the media and the world of ideas;
  • recognising the importance of personal integrity;
  • developing mutual respect across racial and religious divides;
  • recognising that people’s rights also imply responsibilities;
  • developing a sensitive conscience.


Social development

Social development in RE and Collective Worship in our school gives pupils the opportunity to develop their social skills through debate, speaking and listening, group work and using a variety of media. Pupils adhere to the values and expectations of the school, participating in school activities beyond the school day as well taking part in work in the local community.


This is promoted through:

  • developing a sense of empathy, compassion and concern for others;
  • developing personal qualities and using social skills;
  • participating, cooperating and resolving conflict;
  • building relationships within the school and between the school and the local community;
  • investigating social issues, recognising the common ground and diversity that exists between them;
  • providing opportunities for pupils to articulate their own views on a range of current issues and to show respect for the opinions of others and a willingness to learn from their insights.


Cultural development

Cultural development in RE and Collective Worship in our school allows pupils the opportunity to develop an understanding of the influence culture, faith and religion can have on society.  Our pupils respect and celebrate diversity and learn to appreciate ‘difference’ and develop their understanding of different cultures within our community and beyond.


This is promoted through:

  • promoting an understanding from a local and global perspective through encounters with people, literature and the creative arts from different cultures;
  • exploring the diversity of culture worldwide;
  • considering the relationship between British and European culture;
  • appreciating and respecting the diversity of cultures within Britain;
  • participating in and responding to cultural activities.


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