Pupil Premium Allocation 


What is the Pupil Premium?

The pupil premium is a grant given to schools for each child who currently claims free school meals or who has done so in the last 6 years – EVER6


A message to Parents and Carers

It is really important that all parents/carers of children eligible for free school meals register themselves even if they prefer to continue to send their child with a packed lunch. The grant for registering for free school meals (FSM) enables school to provide invaluable extra resources and support for your child’s education.


Research has shown that in some cases children who have been on/ are on free school meals do not attain as highly as other children in school. This appears to be very unfair. The government therefore provide this grant so that we can commission/allocate additional support to ensure that they do.


The support can be short term (booster sessions to focus on a specific area for development) or long term such as one term or two terms (to focus on a major area for development). It may take the form of 1-1 or small group teaching and may be an evidence based intervention. In school one of the interventions is known as “Hotspotting”, where there is a prompt support for children with any misunderstandings. There is also support for the higher ability children giving them opportunities to work at greater depth and to accelerate learning.


At Moorfield all of the intervention programmes that we utilise are evidence based and demonstrate impact.


The government allows us to spend this money in a variety of ways as long as it impacts positively on children in terms of improving their literacy and mathematical skills and their social and emotional well-being and happiness.


The funding is allocated for each financial year. Therefore the strategy for 22/23 will be available at the end of the Autumn term (December 2022).  

Pupil premium

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