SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) at Moorfield Primary School

Welcome to Moorfield Primary School SEND page. We value every child as an individual and recognise that all children, whatever their academic ability, can achieve and be successful. We are committed to providing an environment for learning for each pupil and fully inclusive teaching for all. We have an inclusive policy and aim to help all children to gain access to a curriculum with breadth and depth so that they can reach their full potential. We encourage in all members of our school, a code of positive behaviour, which promotes an understanding of the needs of others. We believe that every child should feel able to make a valued contribution to school life in order that self-esteem can develop. We aim to build each child’s self-esteem using a positive approach, while ensuring the setting of realistic, achievable goals which are closely monitored and reviewed. We respect the fact that children:

· have different educational needs and aspirations;

· require a range of strategies to facilitate learning;

· acquire, assimilate and communicate information at different rates;

· need a range of different teaching approaches and experiences.

It is extremely important to us that, as experts in your child, we value the impact on outcomes of co-production with parents and professionals. Our commitment to the Stockport Co-production Charter underpins this and we strive to work together to build a package of support together. Please click here to find out more about our pledge to Stockport's vision for the future of co-production.

If you would like to discuss SEND at Moorfield further, please contact our Inclusion Lead Mr Gareth Swire


Our offer

Our vision statement is the back drop for all we do in school, including our work with our pupils with additional learning needs. The SEND Information report document gives families information about the variety of ways we ensure we support our children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) to achieve their potential. We provide a full range of educational and pastoral support to all of our pupils and by setting realistic and measurable outcomes, those with SEND have the opportunity to make progress. The information here is general; each child is an individual and will receive unique provision and resources where necessary.

There are a number of reasons why a child may be identified as having SEND:

  • They are having significant difficulty with their learning and making far less progress than would be expected.
  • They have a specific learning difficulty, for example dyslexia.
  • They have social, emotional or mental health difficulties.
  • They have difficulties with social communication and interaction, for example Autism or language difficulties.
  • They have sensory and/or physical needs, for example visual impairment or sensory overload.


Admission Arrangements for children with SEND

On our website we detail our school offer for children with Special Educational Needs. Details of admission into our Kaleidoscope provision can be found under the Local Authority local offer. If a child has a Statement of Special Educational Needs admission to the school is coordinated by the Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council Special Educational Needs Team who can be contacted through the Council switchboard on 0161-480 4949.

The School Vision, Values and Aims set out our intentions for ALL children. As part of our quest to become a fully inclusive school we make every effort to provide whatever is required to meet the needs of all the children. Our formal curriculum, our extra-curricular activities and our educational visits (including residential educational visits) are planned to enable every child to take part to the best of their ability.

The large majority of the School is on one level, and there is wheelchair access to all areas, although several areas need to be accessed through external doors rather than through internal corridors. There are toilet facilities for people with disabilities available in the infant building.


Stockport Local Offer

Press here to see Stockport Local Offer

Places in our Additionally Resourced SEN provision are allocated by the SEN panel of the Local authority. Contact Stockport SEN Reviewing officers on 0161 474 2525 to discuss with the SEN team. You can also look at Stockport Local Offer.

Resourced SEN provision at Moorfield Primary School is for primary aged children with an Education, Health and Care Plan which describes complex needs, which might include moderate learning difficulties, autism, speech and language needs, global developmental delay, ADHD and attachment disorder.

Places are allocated by the Local Authority and are then named  in the Education, Health and Care Plan.

Moorfield Primary School has an additionally resourced provision within the mainstream school which provides education for children with an Education, Health and Care Plan. Moorfield Resourced provision is made up of two SEN classes called the Kaleidoscope classes. There are two Kaleidoscope classes: – An Infant class for Reception to Year 2 children and a Junior Class of Year 3 to Year 6 children.

The Infant class has 8 places and the Junior class has 12 places.

The children are taught by a specialist SEN team of teachers and teaching assistants.

The children within the Kaleidoscope SEN resourced setting receive the majority of their learning within the classroom setting but can access inclusion opportunities into mainstream dependant on each individual child’s needs.

All children access assemblies, playtimes and lunchtimes within the mainstream setting.

The SEN Resourced provision is in the middle of Moorfield Primary School. Your child can access small class sizes with specialised teaching and a curriculum tailored to individual needs.
Lessons are delivered on a one to one, group and whole class basis.

Inclusion into a mainstream school for break times, lunchtimes and assemblies.

The curriculum looks at the development of the whole child using multi-sensory approaches. It has a nurturing and caring environment with the use of Makaton and visual timetables to assist learning.

It has access to outside agencies with weekly visits from speech and language therapists.

These vulnerable children thrive on continuity and consistency within the classroom. At Moorfield your child could be in the Infant class for three years and four years in the Junior class. This encourages the making of relationships and establishment of routines.

Regular parental involvement and daily feedback through the home school diaries as well as encouragement for involvement of the whole family in the education of your child.

Teachers and TAs have regular training to update their knowledge on different spectrums and conditions. Teachers and TAs are trained to deliver a wide range of intervention programmes.

There is a rolling programme of Team Teach Training. Team Teach supports children with behavioural difficulties.

The Kaleidoscope SEN resourced classrooms are purpose built SEN classrooms at the heart of Moorfield Primary School. They opened in January 2011.

There are two classrooms – Infant and Junior. Each classroom has a clam zone/ chill out room and is set up for multi-sensory teaching.

In the SEN resourced building there is a small therapy room for individual or small group work and a large meeting room. There is also a special colour sensory room which is used by mainstream as well as the SEN classes.

Staff are all well trained and have taught SEN children for many years. They have expertise and resources for many areas of the curriculum especially speech and language.

The SENCO oversee the SEN provision as well as mainstream provision. She is fully qualified and has vast experience in this role.

Moorfield Primary School is an inclusive school; we welcome and celebrate diversity. All staff believe that positive self-esteem is crucial to a child’s well-being. We have a caring, understanding team looking after our children.

There is access to lots of outdoor spaces around Moorfield Primary School such as the heart garden, playground, allotments, pond area, the outside musical garden, the school’s chickens and rabbits.

Children are included in Mainstream trips with their peer group and also go on trips with their SEN class for sporting activities and musical activities.

A qualified Forest Schools practitioner teaches in the Junior class for 2 and half days a week and the children in the Kaleidoscope classes can take part in the Forest School experience.

Children can access after school clubs and sports coaches.

As a school we work closely with all external agencies that we feel are relevant to individual children’s needs within our school including: – Behaviour Intervention; Health including – GPs, school nurse, clinical psychologist, paediatricians, speech and language therapists; occupational therapists; physiotherapists and Social Services including; social workers, family support workers and educational psychologists.

We have staff trained to deliver Motor Skills United programmes, speech and language groups and self-esteem groups.

We also run a programme called Seasons for Growth. This is an intervention group run for children who are experiencing difficulties with change, loss or bereavement.

You will be informed of your child’s progress and targets set at review meetings, parent’s evenings and through the annual school report.

The home school liaison book promotes communication between school staff and parents with regard to day to day school life.

Verbal feedback may also be used.

You can book an appointment to look around school by phoning or emailing and asking for either the SENCo or Head teacher.

Contact Stockport SEN Reviewing officers on 0161 474 2525 to discuss with the SEN team. You can also look at Stockport Local Offer for specific questions such as access to Transport Policy.


Please click this link to access the Stockport Entitlement Framework page. This is a very comprehensive document outlining best practice for all and co-production between schools and parents and children. This is part of our continuous development and planning and is an integral part of teaching practice at Moorfield.


Please see our Policies page for the latest SEND policy:

For additional support for families please also see:


SEND Information Report


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